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" We can and will have many purposes in our life personally and professionally. But no matter what purposes come, pass, stay or are fulfilled. No purpose will be more important than yourself.

You are the root, bark, branches and leaves

The blue print, foundation, frame and building

This year can you walk in your truest purpose, the one given to you at the beginning of this lifetime because other purposes may come and go but you, you are here to stay endlessly and infinitely"

When purpose crosses my lips I feel the conviction and weight of what may follow, we have become drowned in finding an external thing to show up for, an external thing to show the world we have accomplished. Yet we leave ourselves in despair, almost pulling out our hair for what? A project we can wear as armour, to soothe our egos and fill us with pride... But what can you mean? I must find my purpose I hear you scream, when what you mean is I must prove to others I'm meant to be! I deserve to be here I am worthy because I AM FULFILLING MY PURPOSE. When truly you have no armour, your ego runs wild and you haven't felt pride truly in a while.

Purpose is beautiful, when not used as an escape or a superman cape!

I am my own purpose, and you are yours.

Start with your first purpose and the rest will slowly but surely surface.

Rachel xo

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