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Just a quick note, recently I've been asked a lot about what God means to me, do I believe and how I practice within these beliefs.

"God is your closest friend and relative. Your ups and downs,

Within you, outside of you. is you.

Your biggest comforter, protector and guide.

We are most fortunate to live in a time where our connection to god can deepen and evolve beyond our ancestors dreams.

Want to know god, to feel god, to hear god, to be one with god?

See all cultures

Read all histories

Hear all religions

Explore many practices

Become all you wish to be

That is how you get to know god.

"I am fortunate to have tools to connect me deeper to god" " - Journal entry.

Back to the original question,I do believe in God as a source of the highest power, universe,source in the motion that something is bigger than all of this that we can see.

Religion does not personally resonate with me, but the words and guidance of multiple religious texts hold wisdom, support and clarity similar to meditations and teachings. I feel that we have to open our minds to high vibration information from all channels. I sit comfortably knowing there is a higher light within me that is reflected by the highest powers of the universe, whatever anybody chooses to call it or the features or persona they may apply, what matters is a connection to that light within.

I'd love to discuss, leave a comment

Rachel xoxo

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