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"You don't have to be weird to be spiritual"

What Our Client’s Have To Say...

Raychel Johnson

Feb '18






I have had two readings from Rachel and I would most certainly recommend A Bridge to Tranquility. From the beginning of the conversation Rachel makes you feel conformable if you are feeling a little bit nervous. She is very direct and uses real life examples to help explain things if you get confused. She is very passionate on the phone and everything she is saying you can feel on the phone. She is very positive with the reading but is also direct enough to tell you the truth. I would most certainly be using Rachel again and again :-) its so nice to have someone to talk to that just understands how you are truly feeling. Thank you for your time Rachel, I will be back for sure. xxxx

Sasha Johnson

Feb '18

I want to take time to appreciate and recommend A Bridge to Tranquility. The service was amazing. Rachel was very direct and straight to the point. She made it very comfortable to the point I felt my guards drop and express with ease. 


January '18



I had a reading with Rachel, it was as if she had stepped into my mind with things that have been going on in my life thoughts, feelings, things that no one knew. Things from my past had came up and it looks like the future is clear. Rachel makes you feel very relaxed with her style. Definitely recommend her well I already have. Excellent work Rachel �� x

Keasha McCally

December '17






This was my first ever reading and my first time speaking to Rachel. ( I was recommended by a friend as iv always wanted one done). I had a telephone call reading! All the cards she pulled out I could relate to! It was spot on, everything she said was exactly how I felt! She gave me advice which I will be taking on! Rachel has such an amazing gift and is such a lovely young lady, this reading left me feeling emotional as she felt the energy and mentioned family members who have passed and just knowing they are here with me was so nice to know! Just what I needed.. So Thank you so much Rachel you will be hearing from me again real soon.... xxx

Annika Spalding

November '17



I had an amazing first session with Rachel and I plan to be returning in a few months. It was exactly what my soul needed and I feel clearer in what I need to focus on and what I need to let go. I don't want to give too much away but I have to say Rachel oozes authenticity and demonstrates a real passion for what she does - and she is very good at it. Thank you again!

Rachel Thompson

October '17

I recently met Rachel at a psychic event and she did a 20 minute reading for me. Rachel was really accurate with lots of the things that she said, she definitely gave me food for thought! Would recommend and would love to have a longer reading with her! Thanks Rach

Jessica Campbell

September '17        

Never thought a phone reading was good until now.... this lady was spot on and accurate.... I highly recommend xx

Liji Reid

September '17

As this was my first reading ever, I was a bit skeptical and sum what nervous. From my first consultation with rachel I was reassured there was nothing to fear. The reading “hit the nail on the head “ so to speak; rachel confirmed my inner thoughts and feelings about my personal doubts and fears when comes to the direction of my life. The reading was very positive and reassuring. 
I would like to give a big thank you to Rachel.

Thank you and god bless

Nickie Sebright

August '17

After seeing reviews popping up in my new feeds, I decided to contact ABTT for a reading. My first reading was for 40 mins through Skype, this is first time I have seen and met Rachel.
WOW within the first few cards Rachel was spot on, she explained the meaning of the each card, through the rest of the reading again spot on very gifted young lady, she filled my soul with what I already knew, so I just need to stick with what my plans are drill in my intentions and set them and NOT go back on them, as I have already planted the seeds just time to watch them grow and develop, there is also some bits I need to remove and change in some areas so can move forward.
Rachel was very clear and such a lovely friendly young lady, and would highly recommend. My plan is to get Rachel to cleanse my home end of September.
Thank you sweetie xxx

Natalie Murphy

Well what can I say... I have always been into spiritualism. I am a very strong believer that you do create the world around you through your own energy and thoughts. 
My reading with Rachel, began brilliant, everything that was mentioned hit home and I was shocked at how genuine it all was. Then, we got more in-depth. Rachel truly helped me conquer what has been buried inside of me for so long, I was not only pleased with my reading but left to feel like a weight had been lifted, and immediately began to learn how to ground myself and most of all focus on what matters, my energy. After what was said, spoken by Rachel, some very real statements, thoughts and experiences that Rachel could never have possibly known was brought to surface. Which resulted in tears and MASSIVE self-realisation. Since my reading, I have became extremely open minded. I have managed to begin to call back all of my scattered energy, reorganise myself and my mind and focus on what I truly want/need. I haven't looked back. I feel so much better in myself, in every aspect, physical health, mental health, holistic health. Yes, this is for some people and isn't for others. I strongly recommend going into this as normal as possible. Let your guides direct you, let Rachel's guides direct you and you will benefit, regardless. 
I have and will continue to recommend Rachel and what she does to absolutely everybody because being a skeptic or not, it will help you. Like it did me, and many others. 
Thank you so much Rachel, I will be using your services again and I cannot wait for our next session.

Teejay Robinson

August '17

I contacted ABTT, she was recommended to me. The services I used was Space Cleansing and I also had 40 minute reading and as soon as my home was cleansed I could instantly feel that the energy in my home was lifted, I'm thinking about getting my home cleansed quarterly and that's not only because she's great at what she does, she also is a truly is a nice person to have around. My reading really put me back on track too and I will definitely be having another. You wouldn't miss a check up on your physical health so why miss an appointment regarding your spiritual health. Get in contact, you wouldn't wanna be able to not get an appointment.