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Find Your Center

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Reiki Treatment

Spiritual Coaching

Journey To Self

Each program takes into account the whole person and helps activate rediscovery of your true self, self empowerment, releasing weights
and traumas of the past to activate the natural healing processes within 
as well as restoring spiritual and emotional well-being to aid in the expansion
of your life's purpose

Energy Healing

An Ancient Science

This is a hands-on and hands-off body full body therapy. Ancient Egyptian SeKHem is a powerful core power energy working to remove blockages and re-balance energy centres combined with intuitive practice to empower you to push forward.
I love showing how just a few sessions can make an enormous difference.


Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Guidance provided through readings gives you advice and outlook on changes, actions and healing that needs to take place for you to move forward.

Digging deep into your current

emotions, energy and challenges 

Image by Conscious Design
Yoga Pose
Image by Luis Galvez

Your Bridge to Tranquility

Create your own healing temple

Welcome A Bridge into your home, event or space with guests to hold intimate, personal sessions of readings, healing, meditation by create your own retreat

Mindfulness & Meditation

Combining the power of 

Breath and Mind

Mindfulness is to work with the quality/state of being conscious/aware 
Meditation is a journey of focusing the mind for a period time.

Trauma Therapy

Release Yourself

Trauma fights against our nervous system due to the electromagnetic fields active in the operation of our energy centers or points. Unlike animals, humans do not naturally dispel traumatic impact
on our systems without the
appropriate understanding.

Image by Karly Jones
Image by Riccardo Annandale

Specialised Services

Home Healing

With all positives can come negatives, maintaining the purity of energy is just as important as the purity of our homes.
Consultations Required


Group Growing

Workplaces, Schools and Community Groups. Empowering employees, students, mentees and families to delve deeper into their state of being, purpose, responsibilities, emotional control, coping mechanisms and daily habits boosting motivation, positivity, response instead of reaction, discipline and focus.

Services: Services
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