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"You don't have to be weird to be spiritual"

Self Elevation

Rachel connects with your spirit guides to provide a reading of insight, advice, guidance, clarity, direct and support
Focusing on self elevation, realignment, awakening, vibrating higher and positive energy in all areas of your life

Space Harmonising

Space Harmonising balances, purifies and protect your environment and overall raises the energy levels of the environment around you.

Channelled Meditation

A bespoke guided meditation channelled directly from your guides to bring you guidance, support, comfort and balance throughout your spiritual journey.

Psychic Parties (Readings/Meditation)

Group parties are something that you can experience with a group of friends at home you can chose from 1) Guided Meditation Party 2) Elevating Reading Party 3) Guided Meditation Party with Readings. Add Day to Day Energetic guidance to any package
Bespoke parties are available upon request

Spirit Release Technique 

Intial Telephone Consultation will be essential before booking session